About us

IQ Technology is an international LegalTech company providing innovative services for protecting intellectual property objects
on the Internet.
Our company's mission is to provide safe conditions for the development of brands in the digital environment.

We work with clients worldwide and help them achieve maximum protection and efficiency in eCommerce.
/ Direct contact with digital platforms
A well-established mechanism for working with all marketplaces through direct contact with their representatives

/ Many years of experience
Experience with over 15,000 websites

/ Established mechanism for legal work
Handling more than 150 simultaneous legal cases related to the unauthorized use of trademarks

/ Unique legal cases in eCommerce
During our time in business, we have won over 1000 cases protecting intellectual property on the Internet. Our cases are discussed in professional circles and at industry events

/ Global presence
IQ Technology has official representatives in Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Turkey, with plans to open several more branches throughout Europe and South America
500+ companies trust IQ Technology to protect their brands on the internet
International legal agency for the protection of intellectual property Internet intellectual property protection
6+ years
1 300 000 +
experience of intellectual property protection
violations resolved
Our partners
Executive partner
Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Turkey
professionals in our team
Partner, CEO
Partner, commercial director
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