Handle intellectual property cases through both summary and standard proceedings.


Handle lawsuits regarding the illegal use of intellectual property
Arbitrage / Summary proceedings / Supreme Court / Intellectual Property Court / Federal Antimonopoly Service
Document collection
Filing the claim
Representing interests in court
  • analysis of documentation
  • preparation of your claim
  • assessment of the various
  • courses of action
  • assembling a body of evidence on the discovered and documented infractions
  • pre-action work with the violator
  • pretrial material preparation
  • claim filing
  • assistance in assembling of procedural documents
  • personal representation in courts
  • preparation of an amicable settlement and presenting it in court
  • participation in proceedings after a verdict is delivered, including appeals
  • participation in the execution of process upon a final and binding decision
cases in portfolio
favorable rulings
in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Armenia where our lawyers can take part in trials
45 cities
Case studies of successful court cases
Court case А456/12345-В
IQ Technology vs Shopotam.com
Sale of goods under well-known brands from foreign suppliers.
Prohibition of the use of trademarks on the website and in product cards on the marketplace.
Court case А456/12345-В
De’Longhi vs Pleer.ru
Use of the brand in offers for the sale
of goods on the site
Recognition of the use of the brand as illegal / recovery of compensation of 200,000 rubles.
Court case А456/12345-В
Group SEB vs Techport.ru
Use of the brand when selling brand products of unknown origin on the site.
Recognition of the use of the brand as illegal / recovery of compensation 500,000 rubles.
Court case А456/12345-В
TEFAL vs RetaliGroup
Illegal use of the brand on the website
The court case was won by the plaintiff/ recovery of compensation of 100,000 rubles.
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